This land has a sensual quality.
Inescapable allure.
Its softness
vastness waits
to be engulfed, pursued
wandered in/among
to be marveled at.
Ah, the luxury of sense!
The act of beholding this land
gives not just a momentary thrill:
it sustains beyond sight.


Driving 10 minutes out of Great Falls–
what you see, stand in and dance through
(the swaying wheat so soft you could roll in it
and caress yourself against it)
will stay with you for days, years in retrospect
depending on the degree of your openness
the manner in which you absorb its beauty
how deeply you accept its grace.


There among the wheat, next to a lone tree
reverence sweeps across your face unashamedly.
The big sky takes hold of you and weeps.


The climax is sacramental:
A perfect release into God.
The scent of frolic potent
as the body shutters
then calms quickly into bliss.


(c) 2013