Resonance of freedom, soulful starlight wonder
gunned down on the balcony of
the Lorraine Motel
April 4: the horror day
the mournful, God-absent day.
King of The Dream mowed down;
his body ripped from the world.
Echoes of the bullet vibrating still
in Memphis and all around.


His spirit endures, remember.
His divine call everpresent
as long as…
As long as we recall him.
We must recall him,
Vincent Harding demands.
As long as we walk with him,
seeking justice together,
his wisdom will guide us
for King is still poignant.
He is still relevant.
He is still possible.


This sweet, emboldened man
of magnificent stature
our brethren
our kin(g)
belongs to us, all of us, if…
If Love is what we bring across
our thresholds to the world.


(c) 2013


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