On the occasion of a DIY writers’ retreat with KC

Remember your realization?
(You wrote a poem about it.)
The one that says any path
can be the right one
if it is rooted in love.
If its paramount aspiration is love.
If your every step and breath
along that path
is an expression of love…


Then, there is no wrong way.
No irrevocable decisions
to engender regret later on.
Just a bright heart wide open,

Imagine living your life
believing this to be true.
What freedom!
Imagine what you could do and be
with no fear holding you back.
Because no matter where
you find yourself,
when you are guided by love,
there is healing and redemption,
forgiveness and connection.

It is never too late to choose love.
It is our teleology,
our singular destiny-
the only purpose that is always right.

How do we learn
this big, big love?
This agape love that moves beyond
our prescribed demarcations
and sticky boundaries
we adhere to arbitrarily?
And Who?
Who can teach us to live
in this deep place of truth
with our whole selves exposed
so that we feel on fire
and people are healed
by our simple presence?
Who, but the spirit living within?

Sound impossible?
You know that power,
you’ve felt it.

Just remember.

Of all the skills we strive
to master in our lives,
loving deeply
should be top-most.
It is as natural as breathing
and requires no training,
only awareness
and discipline.
It is easy to achieve
when on the cusp of sleep,
when our edges have blurred
and we recall loss
with soft, open hearts.

Yet it is so, so difficult when awake.

Awake time is fixed time
when we become judges
instead of dreamers.
When we forget our birthright
and lose sight of our fate,
which is simply to love
and to love deeply.
No matter the path we choose.

Did you know
the act of seeking by itself
heals us?
We don’t even need to find the answers.

Simply remembering to love
is what brings us closer
to the truth.

(c) 2018

flower marie