Become Who You Are

Philosopher Will Smith says:
‘It’s not your fault,
but it’s your responsibility.’
Fault and responsibility.
Linked? Kinda, sometimes.
The same?
Fair? Not even for a second.

Whatever was done to you
without your consent…?
Not your fault.
How you are going to live your life…?
That’s your responsibility.

You can trash your life
to spite others,
to get back at them so they
witness your demise
and feel bad about what they did.
But they may never feel bad
about what they did
to you.

So, instead,
if you still want to think
about those people
who did you wrong,
then really show them.
Be successful!
Chart your own destiny!
Be a light to the world!
Transform your pain through
personal development
and become the compassionate
and awesome human being
you already are inside.

This is your responsibility.
And you can achieve it.
You can blow their warships
out of the water with
the person you become.


(c) 2018