ten degrees below zero
i part the curtains to see
a surprise guest who
arrived from the sky
in the night

how delightful!

nothing enlivens the child within
like a wholesome blanket of snow
inviting all kinds of adventures
its brightness reminding our eyes
of how it will be when
the light of day returns

it is remarkably quiet
in the house now
the usual auditory distractions
muted by the field of snow
absorbing all sound
leaving only whispers of memories
to ruminate over
and digest

i bask in the rare silence
with trepidation even in my breath
i admire the new snow

easy for me to appreciate the glitter
while sitting inside watching the sun dance
upon the crusted-white landscape

i couldn’t be more cozy

but for those pitching a tent tonight
this winter wonderland
leaves a lot to be desired

a circumstance they
had never dreamed of as children
when laughing and
making snow angels

and watching their breath form crystals in the air