This Poem is Not About Drugs

                      piano faintly heard a neighbor’s window cracked the singer pulls in lonesome souls baritone a campfire           a croon           a wail winged serenade slips through sateen curtains lifting one lamp signals life otherwise darkness his voice a stutter in breath shake of tears discernible discord            this singer the Psalmist he must be poisedContinue reading “This Poem is Not About Drugs”

Cinder Block

                      In what life do all clouds coalesce into one so we must not guess at their metamorphosis but see without mesmery the genesis, the direction of life indefinitely reflected wholly in the open sky? How to let go of wailing and seeking?                       Humans seek in vain! Lost forever in the duskyContinue reading “Cinder Block”

lost possibility

                      pages read of sand            held in fainted heart            unwritten poems washed away            blue wind faded sun            whisper of history Zen illusion            an adoration I cannot shake                                  ______ (c) 2013

Invisible Nightingale

                      Keats has nothing on this garden                     darkling. My once bright eyes now blind—         in flame from a tinder                     spill of kindling. Unseeing of his savior the Nightingale object of his forlorn and pleading mind my heart remains deflated and frail empty of the song                     through leaves, I cannot find.                       He managedContinue reading “Invisible Nightingale”

Brightness and Dust

                                Aloft in the mystic garden wet from the river soak I witness your persona fading backward           to soft shedding its white sleeves in favor of what our reverie believes           when you walked           into a coffee shop.                       Every memory piercing the brightness we hold inside. Olden brightness           a sacred tide untouchable exceptContinue reading “Brightness and Dust”

How to make sense of contrast

                      Poetry is an outlandish rebel antithetical to life’s banality too flashy to seem real when situated among generic acquiescence           and yada yada yada            Poetry defies complacency delighting with tangy           surprise            Sometimes sizzling in-your-face           a marquee on opening night           flapper dress twirling           knock-down drag-out            Other times tranquil nuanced           a child blissfullyContinue reading “How to make sense of contrast”