Carrying the Scent of Montana

                      chiffon floats diffuse as pollen over delicate shoulders billowing golden hue       Van Gogh’s brightest wheat       self-adoring in speckled sun flowing lengths of material with flowers dyed clasping a cascade of quiet air— one slight exhalation breathed on lovers skin a few towns over in slow motion candlelight                       _______ (c) 2013

Missoula Catalyst

           for Smile Like the Sun                       You balance tip toe        On a narrow shelf Tucked behind the waterfall        Soft glare of amber eyes Ridge of shoulders strong        Taste of salted water spray Across your forehead, lips        What I would give                 Preparing to pierce        The cascade, you linger Calculate velocity        Anticipate theContinue reading “Missoula Catalyst”

Story of How the World Closes

                                                                                                      How to make Communion wafers:                                                                                            1. Mix a paste of flour and water                                                                                 2. Press with a hot iron to emboss the Cross                       first the wrists get thin wafer thin translucent so light shines through           potato chips           waxed paper           linen handkerchief           grape leaves in the sun one wrist laid atopContinue reading “Story of How the World Closes”