Self Portrait Project

The Bridge

I see you, flowers.
I see you.
But I’m looking at the bridge
in the distance.
The blue bridge.
Do you see it?
That’s it.
That’s the one
I’m going to walk across
to the other side
where peace grows.

(c) 2018

the park


White and Purple Petunia

This one whispers, look at me
sweet and delicate
the girl in you
never invited or allowed
to speak.

Now you melt into the body of words
a soft-skinned lover
fawning over you.

Now words are your business.

You dangle and cajole them
spit them out and
paper catches them.

Out of all the blossoms here
this one calls to you.
She says,
“Hello. What would you like to say today?”

(c) 2018

white purple petunia


The Bench

Have you ever been so lonely
you couldn’t even see yourself?

(c) 2018

bench and water


A New Lens

Some parts of my labyrinthine life
are clear and distinct.
Others out-of-focus.
The most distant path unclear.

The owner of the camera
told me to change the lens.

“That will solve the problem,”
he said.

(c) 2018




Who was bold enough to plant
blood red petunias (exuding gravitas)
in a bed of light-hearted lavender
(cheery, fragrant)?

Menacingly beautiful
their dark petals shimmy in the wind
overtaking all that is bright
though the sun still hovers above.

Sometimes the darkness
shows you things you need to see
in order to let go.

(c) 2018

black petunias



gently flowing botanical stream
a luxury of slow thought

she floats lazily under the sun
until the speed of swirls picks up
the water no longer contemplative
but rushing now

she has no idea the beauty
of the crystal pond waiting
to catch her fall

(c) 2018

water fall


The Fence

beauty so close
always teasing me
with a tender proximity
I can see or smell
but never touch
never possess

beauty so close
always whispering
a symphony garden
luscious and fresh
yet eventually
melting away

beauty so close
hidden yet everpresent
winking then turning away
oh provocative sunset!
always watching me
always eluding me

(c) 2018