summer haiku

All haiku written in the Summer of 2013

collection of flaws
mistakes beyond innocence
still there is lovely

swimming towards essence
prism of sun in water
halos encircle

you whisper Amen
weight of your breath in my palm
art of love beheld

salted eyelids kissed
twilight’s tender lust forlorn
keen delicate taste

half moon awakens
pink sunset luminaries
burnt peach smell of night

dragonflies crisscross
nighttime garden rapture light
heaven grows wild

ideas surf the mind
dusky gloam of endless tides
lyric caught in shell

vaporous ash lifts
pattern of things dead or lost
words stones in my throat

bad dreams wide awake
everywhere futility
wingless nightingale

deep and flummoxed soul
unhinged spiritedness flies
emptied of the word

dream to mourning comes
love a shadow past bedtime
skylight eyes touch stars

image scent or touch
wrapped in sky and linens white
dense beauty shutters

tears sting rushingly
neurocognitive failure
taste of salt on tongue

aspen grove white bark
only the sound of goodbye
the whole world rests here

aspen leaves tremble
curtains lift in summer wind
sun moves through small cracks

bridge in the river
steel and asphalt intertwine
where does my heart cross

composing haiku
fingers counting syllables
imagine words dance

composing haiku
fingers counting syllables
words prickly as brush

haze of forlorn words
journal fragments ticker tape
pieces of self float

leaves of paper torn
language unaccounted for
pageless history

flakes of mind disperse
charade implodes avalanche
crumbling statuette

no opportune time
to exit this broken world
how to sing for death

daisy chains bind wrists
freedom lures the damaged mind
flowers pacify

consider the world
terminal trajectory
secretly slipping

warm salt bath of tears
holy water fingertips
all is lost again

head down for so long
seeing just the inside world
neon exit sign

scent of clover drifts
hummingbirds luxuriate
blanket of sweet dreams

flower petals fall
ruffled pile upon rock
bouquet of lost loves

sounds of metal twist
tractor interrupting earth
fertile skeletons

who we are and when
deft personas rummaged through
sundry fronts put up

tears upon my feet
puddle of blessing water
a lake I drown in

pretend flowers bloom
intrepid sun garlands melt
plastic stems pinwheels

parched and naked soul
light bulb sparks overhead
too much love declared

summer night window
cool breeze waves through shaking trees
dragonfly races

water flows downspout
tall aspen prays over me
first day of summer

open heart flutters
overhead the angel’s wings
always a bird flies

days of stunning youth
distill to word and prayer
poems remember

too much honesty
revelation of the heart
it comes down to this

captured in the fields
preservation of essence
above all…it is

remember this sky
I look up and see myself
grace never let go

return to the fields
expressive portrait haiku
hillside soaks in dusk

seeking my essence
no matter what it remains
butterfly kisses

songbirds awaken
thunderstorm of tears redeemed
Montana dazzles

majestic essence
poetic whimsy set free
the soul finds itself

body here released
dancing diaphanous white
final quiet comes

she says it’s heaven
waking up in Montana
crisp air a songbird

wind across the plain
over unborn ashen fields
ghost against the skin

holy sky surrounds
frays my tether to this world
who will catch my fall

unbound poems burn
breath-light in the cinder cloud
steel against the heart

field to horizon
as deep as I’ve felt beauty
sky beyond measure

xxcolor dance

my body lifts up
wildflower fingertips
soul too deep for tears

rekindling essence
nothing is more important
the sacred untouched

tendrils of tall grass
aesthetic of synchrony
fall in together

Montana fills me
a breath of color and cloud
skin touches heaven

gentle hand of light
clouds lay ribbons of shadow
sweep of sage hill green

cloud slow in coming
a contrite and porous land
tall grasses lean in

fresh from bathwater
flowery nightgown billows
green apple honey

pierced by naked sky
wild mercy recreates
long live Montana

on the ledge of life
saffron dust a mandala
poems whisper yes

full Montana moon
translucent river of light
ambience of cloud

the land beholds me
while you sleep it dreams of you
riot of beauty

days of stunning youth
distill to word and prayer
poems remember

soft feathering wheat
bending shivering brightly
bare ankles run through

behold communion
sheer reverence becoming
the body a church